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Mirzam Pérez

Visual Artist currently working on painting, sculpture and installation

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Artist Statement

My visual practice is positioned at the junction of soft sculpture, painting, and installation.  In my art I paint and sculpt textile landscapes in non-traditional ways. I create boldly colored 2d and 3D topographies inspired in land formations and bodies of water from my immediate and imaginary environment. I render mixed media paintings with sculptural characteristics and build sculptures with painterly qualities. In my soft sculptures and installations, I challenge what is normally included in these works. I integrate nontraditional materials such as vintage fabrics that I have dyed/altered, plastic waste products, trinkets, and personal objects., This apparently unconventional artistic process is not random; it is intimately connected to the topics I explore. I straddle multiple types of media and genres, radically defying to be classified exclusively as one or another type of art. I approach art making as an activity residing within the borderlands of various disciplines. I choose the materials and mediums that best fit the idea to express as closely as possibly what I have conceived in my mind. My goal is to entice viewers’ desire to reach out and touch my work.

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Sins Against Central America

Series of seven panels each H 60 in x W 72 in on un-stretched raw canvas that comment on the atrocities committed and sometimes still happening  against the people of Central America.

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Watercolor on paper cutouts

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